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to come. got those earnings from intel and yahoo! coming up, plus much more on the second hour of the "closing bell" with maria bartiromo. i'll see you tomorrow. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. stocks surging on wall street, gaining back half of yesterday's losses. finishing out the high of the afternoon with another gain on the day of 156 points. that is up better than 1%, at 14,738 on the dow. nasdaq picks up 48 points, 1.5%, and the s&p 500 higher by 22, also 1.5%. we're in earnings mode right now. we are awaiting earnings from intel and yahoo!. our jon fortt is going to dig through the numbers as soon as they come out and we're going to tell you what the stocks are doing. and i will talk with the cfo of intel. but first, take a look at how we are in the markets today. nathan bacharach is with me, michael crofton of philadelphia trust company. gentleman, good to have you on the program, good to see you. >> let me kick it off
and the market bounces back from the worst one-day decline and now our attention turns to technology. as intel and yahoo shows an increase. >> are red flags being raised on one part of the recovery. >> and gold rush, what are individuals doing now with the metal's prices fl s fluctuating. i'm bill, in for tyler matheson, another big day for the markets. but we have two numbers that will set the tone for tomorrow. >> we are talking technology now for a change. a tale of two different earnings stories. yahoo surged 36% and intel fell 26%. they are the first batch of conditi companies reporting. intel earned 4 a share. revenues fell 2% to $12.6 billion, slightly better than expected. but the company said that revenues in the current quarter will come in higher than forecast, so their shares jumped as much as 2% after trading. yahoo earned a 38% a share. 14 cents more than expected and revenues came in below estimates at $1 billion and the company reported a drop in display advertising. yahoo shares tumbled in after hours tradg. >>> on the heels of the mixed results, there's another technology gia
the thought. we'll get to commodities. but right now we want to hear about intel earnings. we have the cfo coming up. let's hear what the earnings are. adam go ahead. >> actually it is dennis kneale. how are you doing, david. revenue come in 1.6 billion. matches expectation of $12.59 billion. but the big surprise will be that intel's earnings per share fall one penny shy of wall street expectations coming in at 40 cents, instead of 41 cents per share from intel. that company getting buffetted by the slowdown in pc and laptop sales as everyone moves to tablets and iphones. people will watch for how the pc division did. i don't have the number just yet. if i get it i let you know, dade. david: my old "forbes on fox" friend. how could i not know, denis kneel. as we look after-hours jump in the stocks price, weak results were in to a lot of what is happening with intel. we'll be specific about asking questions with intel coming up in just a second. bottom line after-hours trading is up on intel. go ahead, liz. liz: indeed. part of that may be that you may remember that in the last quarter, peo
of deal with graffiti, how to set up your own facebook account, using facebook to gather intel. facebook subpoenas, search warrant guidelines, and using grab at&t aloe tracker for investigations. then we're going to talk about if we have time, we'll talk about the successful investigations that we have done at the city of phoenix level. the importance of dealing with graffiti, graffiti gives your city a dirty appearance. residents become afraid. businesses may not want to locate to your city. and less businesses mean less jobs. we know how that's affecting a lot of us. why do we want to use social media to investigate? why are you guys here? >> [inaudible]. >> it is, everybody talks on facebook, right? i learned this way back when i was doing s-r-o. it was myspace back then. myspace was huge, right? everybody got on myspace and everybody talked. well, i was at the school doing that job, i could always get intel on the kids finding out when the parties were going to be, who was in the fight, a lot of them used their phone to tape the fight and put it on myspace. now we have youtube and fa
. joining us now to talk about the earnings from intel and yahoo and the out look for the technology sector. is the portfolio manager of the t-rowe price technology fund. the thing that ties the companies egg together, they are about two companies trying to reinvent themselves. in the case of intel, does it have what it takes to reinvent itself, and jump start the company. and in the case of yahoo, is the turn around strategy works? >> thank you for having me on. it's nice to be with you. you hit the nail on the head, both are reinvention stories. -- intel, the segment that they sell into, the pcs are under a lot of pressure. i smiled in the segment leading into this. people are not using their pcs as much as they did in the past. so, i think intel does have what it takes to turn around eventually but it will be a slow process to establish themselves in the smartphone and tablet market. yahoo is going through a turn around and what we saw this quarter was not much evidence of a fundamental turn around in yahoo's business with revenues down a bit year on year, so tato one is still on the com
in a suburban area of phoenix. that's not really who he is or what he's about. how good is this intel? you can literally see in his face right here when we zoom in on it. it talks about how he hit it up. it talks about, you know, there's other things in here. you guys want to know about -- what's wk? we didn't know what wk was. guess what? wk is their tagging crew. in here it says what is wk stand for? worship king. guess what, i just got some intel. right? facebook is awesome because they write everything on there. they tell you -- there's stuff that i go on on my computer all the time and i look up. oh, wk is getting ready to go bomb the city. well, this is where wk hits a lot. guess what i can do now? i can go sit on that area. so, you get a lot of intel off of facebook. these two, remember, though, i'm going to show you guys how i set up a facebook account, how it's set up, getting into the stuff and how you go about it and just to give you guys some guidelines to help you start it out so you can do it on your own. facebook will tell you and they'll say, it is illegal for you to make a fac
center could come under pressure as well. intel and yahoo! reported so-so first quarter results. >> frankly there are better opportunities to invest capital elsewhere and get a better return so regrettably we decided that we're pulling out of the u.s. >>> welcome to the program. there's no ross wessgate on set. he's at margaret thatcher's funeral. we'll have coverage leading up to that 11:00 here in london. in the meantime, we are keeping an eye on the markets. we want to draw your attention to moves that we're seeing now. german market down 4.3%. we see the ftse down in a range of half to three-quarters of 1% and a session started strongly this morning following the rebound we did see in wall street and asian markets as well holding up reasonably firm today. so just going to take a look now across the board at some of the weakness that we're seeing. europe stocks dropping 0.6 of 1%. this follows a session in which we have seen japanese stocks do okay. nikkei up better than 1% today. kospi in the green. only red across asia -- this is a european move. we'll continue to follow it
, because we're expecting earnings from intel and yahoo! after the close tonight. intel is trading higher at this hour, while yahoo! is down half a percent right now. >> fedex, of course, on the eve of its 40th anniversary, in less than an hour, employees will be ringing the closing bell. the stock viewed as a barometer of economic conditions has been on a slide after the company cut its outlook for the year. up to that point, the stock had been riding this market rally. we want to drill down into the outlook, how the company is dealing with the global economy. joining us is fred smith. fred, it's always nice to have you on the program. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, maria. >> what can you tell us about the rest of the year at fedex and the industry? i think when you first came out with the news, the last time we spoke, about the global economy, it shook the market. it certainly caused a pretty good sell-off in fedex shares. where are we right now? you're in-between earnings reports, but in the last quarter, profits were down 31%. >> well, the quarter that we had recently was rela
to me about the chip makers, the intels, the amds. >> certainly, when one looks at some of the questions around hewlett-packard, one has to argue that the historical model around the personal computer and the microsoft intel model that had been discussed as such a growth driver has obviously slowed down. intel nonetheless the dominant manufacturer of semiconductors. still has great opportunity to provide greater cash flow. it does have an attractive dividend yield. but there have been questions raised around intel as to what kind of marginal returns on invested capital will the company realize in what might be a more competitive environment going forward. >> all right, david, any disclosures to make on the stocks you've been talking about? >> certainly. with respect to apple, we own it. >> and the others? >>. no. >> okay. david, thank you so much for coming on the program. david garrity of gva research. >>> another sign that the housing market may be coming around, the american bankers association says delinquencies on home-related loans fell in the fourth quarter. loans for property imp
is intel. it's rewarding shareholders with huge dividends while the company sweeps away all of its competitors in the microprocessor and server business. but when intel reports a fantastic quarter, as it did last night, does anyone care? you know why? because they make parts for personal computers, which we have decided unilaterally are now really just doorjambs and electric coasters. useful. the best you can say, intel didn't go down. and then there's -- i almost said it. i don't know if i can actually -- apple. i said it! what can be said that hasn't already been said about this freefalling tech company with the greatest products in the world? how about this? apple could say we're going to double your dividend, buy back a quarter of the company. that surely hasn't been said. i don't think there's an analyst who hasn't pulled the jason, freddie krueger slash here. what have they used? i've been looking at what they've been saying. they've used machetes to cut numbers. chainsaws to cut numbers. they've used ginsu knives to cut numbers. scalpels, k bars, bowies, meat axes, guillotin
intel and a tager, you want to try examine go after, what do you do? this is all stuff that i've been successful with and maybe it can be successful for you. you guys have to find out. you have to take that jump. i was tired of doing misdemeanor after misdemeanor after misdemeanor. so, this is how we went and started doing the big felony investigations. now, before i move on, though, i talked to you guys about how to set up your yahoo! account, how to set up a facebook account. if you don't feel comfortable with that yet but you still want to do it, call me. i'll help you get that set up. okay. because i'm telling you, knowledge is power and i can show you hours and hours of facebook stuff. we could set -- and i could show you all the intel that we get off of that. this is just brief. this is just a little bit of it, hour and a half thing. there's tons more out there. you'd be surprised at what you can find and what you can get. the other thing that i use is two things that -- one of ours that we use in phoenix -- and again, this is one of the main reasons why people come to us is tha
both are call john. i hope the rell of the rundown goes better. we know intel is going to be down tonight, guys, we know pc shipmentses are down. karney, what do you think will be the saving grace moving forward? >> it's a test of whether intel can adapt to the future. the future is, you know devices like this and not devices like this. people want mobile -- intel is into selling expensive chips to big servers. that won't be a driving force for the future. whether they can turn and make the adjustment is yet to be seen. >> mr. forte, is the west coast in agreement? >> they have to figure out how to take their mobile chip and lte chip and integrate it into one. that gets it small enough to fit into a cell phone. they haven't done that quickly enough. that's where qualcomm has been beating them. >>> let's swap topic and talk about how apple stock has decline. the latest news over china, it's ramping up protection for the iphone 5s. karnry are you a buyer? i think the risk is more that it goes up than it goes down at this point. >> jon fortt, is it down and out? >> well, probably not
's top corporate m headlines. >> intel missing the street by a penny. revenues in line. the current quarter revenue will drop. the company citing a drop in pc sales due to growing popularity of tablets and smartphones. intel cfo on "closing bell" yesterday. >> a great lineup in products today in phones and tablets. we won 11 phone designs across 20 countries. we're seeing with chips selling into those phones we're leading in performance and people who know intel expect us to lead in performance but i think what's surprising people is we're not just leading in performance, we're leading in power efficiency. >> marissa mayer at yahoo! may have explaining to do. yahoo!'s q-1 earnings beating the street but revenues falling short of consensus and it's forecast for the current quarter ref few below estimates. the internet company is continuing to feel the effects of declining traffic to the web properties and falling display advertising sales. in earnings central this morning, also bank of america will be posting quarterly results before the bell. the street is looking for earnings of 22
. >> from apple fighting with samsung to amd battling intel, rivalries are strong in the world of tech. joining us on set, former amd ceo ruiz. thank you for joining us. it's an interesting thesis that you have here that from your viewpoint i can see where you're coming from, others might disagree with basic -- maybe not facts about monopolies being bad but what happened between intel and amd. there are different narrateiviv on how that came out. i knew jerry sanders. i saw that company begin back then. it was always an uphill battle. a lot of people said amd really just copied a lot of intel's technology right from the very start. if intel was the first one there, why shouldn't they enjoy dominance if they are good at what they do? >> no issue with that. as a matter of fact, at the beginning amd was allowed to be a second source to intel. that was in the beginning of the pc market, ibm insisted there was a second source. they played a role of helping intel secure that business. over time they became more independent and began to do their own work and began to do a better job than inte
today, microsoft and intel leading the blue chip. no surprise given their link to pcs, but both jumping more than 3% today. intel closing at 21.75. microsoft at $30 a share. both companies report earnings next week. >>> the s&p materials sector, the best performer today as china reported slowing inflation. investors see it as potentially bullish as credit restrictions in china may be allowed to ease and that could translate into higher demand. the index was up more than 1% and components cliffed almost 9% higher. >>> trades in herbal life and sketchers were halted much of the day. they both used the same accounting firm and that giant firm was forced to resign from both companies because of an insider trading scandal involving a senior partner who allegedly sold private information on both companies. the shares tumbled to $37, but sketchers rose 2.5% to $22. >> and republic airways group is in talks with two investment firms to spin off its subsidiary, frontier airlines. this according to dow jones. republic bought frontier in bankruptcy in 2009 and has been trying for a year or more to
. >> the biggest decliners were big tech names. hewlett-packard fell 6 1/2%. intel down nearly 2% and microsoft tumbled about 5% and here is why. new data showing a sharp decline in personal computer sales in the first three months of the year and that along with two analyst downgrades on microsoft is hitting the software giant especially hard. john ford has more on microsoft and what is next for the one-time darling of wall street. >> for the pc business, the outlook just went from bad to really, really bad. more expected a strong start to computer sales. things always slow down for hp, dell and apple after the holiday season. but these days they have to contend with smartphones and tablets stealing away customer attention and dollars. analysts were expecting pc units to be down, less than 8% from the first quarter last year. research firm idc dropped this bombshell. pc shipments down about 14%. >> been kind of a fail in cuts. every month, pc demand falling a little worse and ultimately, you say, wow, this upgrade cycle is still coming, the story is similar. >> and stocks of companies that rel
-dollar gain, while inched up 7 cents. in earninings after hours, intel posted a 26% drop in earnings but came in line with expectations. that stock rallied. yahoo, however, fell 4% after heavy trading. one analyst called the tech company's ad revenue a "disaster." stocks and commodities bounced back yesterday. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us now for a closer look at the trading day. good morning to you, larry. - good morning. - what do you attribute to yesterday's rally, especially in gold? - i think it was just a knee- jerk reaction, oversold condition. i think people were realizing that hey, maybe the central banks won't be selling their gold reserves any time soon, and maybe the inflationary concerns, or disinflationary concerns, aren't as big as people first thought they were. - there was a major earthquake this week and iran, and the oil market did not move. does that surprise you? - after the fact doesn't surprise me. during the fact it certainly did. but when we look at what happened in the commodities sector in general, everything was just deflating at once, combine
to tell you a tale of two upcoming ipos. first, what kind of ipo should you stay away from? intel sat. they provide satellite video and data services around the world. this one came to my attention because of the sheer size. intel sat operates more satellites, and they have more services to more customers in more countries than any other commercial satellite player out there. that intrigued me. the company plans to raise $500 million by offering 21.7 million shares, and at the midpoint that would give intel sat a big market cap. last year the company generated $2.6 billion in sales, so on the surface it seems pretty inexpensive. why am i telling you to stay away? for starters, they lost under $147 million, even though it's hardly a start-up, it's been around since the '60s. what really turns me off is the underlying reason it's not profitable, they have a mountain of debt. nearly $16 billion. they plan to use the proceeds from the ipo, pay down some of that debt. good. we're still talking about a gigantic mountain of debt. in truth, it's risky. 20% of the business comes from governmen
reward is in the schools because that's where you're going to get a lot of intel. once they see a little bit of this and they see a little bit of money going out, they become more and more -- people are ratting on everybody. we get them to rat on each other. we've even had taggers tell on other taggers. which is kind of funny. the rewards range from $75 to $250. like i said, we have a board that sits on it and he check off different things and how dangerous it was for that person telling the other. it's p just for kids. it's all over the city. we have billboards all over the city that say this is our program, call it, we can get you money, 75, $250. the other thing is i have these little green cards i carry with me. when i'm outlooking at -- doing graffiti. don't tell anything. when i'm looking at graffiti, i feel like a homeless guy sitting out there. they could use extra bucks. i give them the card. did you see who did is that? yeah, punk kid, blah, blah, blah. go to the pay phone right there, call 911 if you see them doing it and they'll get you a reward, 75 to 250. really? yeah. so,
. johnsonjohnson, yahoo, and intel. they all had dead horses called out. dead horse that's were repeatedly beaten and flogged by analysts, who just couldn't resist giving them a beatdown. what is a dead horse? might as well also be what we call an elephant in the room to mix animal mefrs. it's something the analysts are all worried about, that the company doesn't want to talk about or thinks is being overemphasized wrongly by the bears on the conference call. it always comes up the same. you hear on the call say i don't want to beat a dead horse, but -- and then the efrnt surfaces. take johnson & johnson. the quarter itself was an excellent one. mostly because with the exception of medical devices the drug and consumer franchises were quite strong. and while i was incredibly impressed by the both of some of their franchises, prrtly oncology and neuroproduct science sales. the nature of the medical device numbers, hips, knees, and the like totally freaked out the analysts on the call. i don't know if this is because many analysts were trying to model all the other device companies using j&j as a t
. intel is getting ready to report first quarter earnings. the stock is up more than 2% right now. coming up live we've got intel's cfo stacy smith with his reaction. we're going to be asking him about their new energy-shipping ships. also might there be an announcement on who will take over for the retiring ceo? it's all coming up immediately after the numbers come out. don't miss it, you've got to stay with us. ♪ . .. copd makes it hard to breathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announce ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not bused more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may incrse your risk of osteoporosis some eye prlems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood
. that will give us 30 plus days and do a thorough intel investigation and then we'll proceed from there. your reaction to that point of view? >> well, it's unnecessary and engaging in activities that could be determined to be unconstitutional or actually make it more difficult to use that evidence in court. i think it's the appropriate method to use the criminal justice system which has proven more effective than any other system has come up with both in producing a fair result and in protecting the rights of the defendant at the same time in obtaining convictions when there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. i think this is clear example of how powerful our system is and how protecting constitutionality values makes us stronger overall. >> megyn: what about the delayed miranda rights being read to this suspect. a lot of the folks have looked at this and said the f.b.i. has videotape of him placing a bomb next to an eight-year-old boy and he maimed countless number of people and he killed three people at least. they say, yeah, i don't care if he is read his miranda rights right away, let'
knowledge of a classified f.b.i. briefing yesterday on capitol hill, that lawmakers now for valuable intel on potential thrts to the homeland may have been lost this week. the reason -- a federal magistrate judge showed up at the hospital where the second bombing suspect is being held and interrogated and the judge read his miranda rights. the f.b.i. says this happened just 16 hours into its questioning of the younger brother in this case, dzhokar tsarnaev. the f.b.i. told lawmakers it was shocked to have its interrogation shut down midstream. it was incomplete. they say the suspect had been providing valuable intelligence until that magistrate judge and accompanying lawyers showed up and upon being read his rights he stopped talking. under the so-called public safety exception to the miranda requirement, miranda you have the right to remain silent, the f.b.i. understood it would have about 48 hours to question dzhokar tsarnaev before those miranda rights were read. that is what the obama administration had been saying. in the past week or so they could take advantage of the exception whic
and exactly who ordered it. the chairman of the house intel community mike rogers has written to eric holder asking why this judge decided to go to the hospital so early. did she decide to do it by herself? who in the intelligence community or the obama administration was consulted? katherine heritage has more. >> thank you. good afternoon. congressman rogers who receives regular updates on the investigation told fox news that he believes russian they had had more information and did not provide it to c.i.a. or f.b.i. in 2011. >> they let us peek under the curtain a little bit. they have very valuable information, "a" they should have provided it earlier and bms we need to get now to understand what happened when he went back to russia. >> reporter: lawmakers briefed because of his alleged extremist ties says the u.s. government went back three times back to moscow asking for more specific data. at a conference in washington, d.c., james clapper has weighed on in the boston bombings indicating to prevent the attack it would have required the intelligence community and law enforcement to go b
that stock to a buy. price target 63 bucks. what didn't work today? intel. you saw that one slipping into the red. analysts at jmp downgraded that stock to market perform. talking about underwell ming improvements. intel firing back saying there's no problem. intel falls today. another notable mover. apple tanked some 17% in the first quarter. down again today. fidelity contra fund cut its stake. the fund's biggest holding now, google. finally, we did see some hmo names rallying into the close. united health, humana, aetna. the morgan stanley health care index hit a new all time high today. >> best day for the index since august 7, 2012. thank you so much, josh lipton. >>> first trading day of the second quarter in the books. after the break, what you should be doing with your money now. what to expect from the market for the rest of the year from one of the top minds on wall street, s&p capital iq's rich peterson with me next. >>> can aggressive actions out of north korea spook this rally and this economy? coming i'll speak to former defense secretary leon pa net na about how dange
&t. chevron energy solutions, connie frank foundation, jinn ethic intel and mc castle foundation the stanley s foundation union bank, visa wells far go pg&e cummings west and rich and gudegee guggenheim. placegees web corp builders and the lunch is due to our in-kind media sponsors who we would like to also thank c cbs and one 07 a and one 06.9 f and suffrage business times. san francisco chronicle and san francisco gate.com and san francisco mag magazine and beach pointed babylon and thank you to awful you who support the foundation, the general and this event we look forward to seeing many of you this evening at hearts after dark. ladies and gentlemen ... >> hello. welcome to "culturewire." we are here today with bay area artist jody chanel, and we are here to see the plaza where your piece has just been installed. >> i have been doing large-scale paintings in the galleries and museums, and the idea that in the future, i could do something that would hang out a little bit longer than the duration of the installation the kind of appeal to me. i quickly found out about the san francisco art
to witnesses, they're looking -- the intelligence community is looking back at intel. we've heard, for example, gwen, there was no chatter before the event but keep in mind that before the underwear bomber, umar farouk abdulmutallab, who tried to explode the underwear bomb over detroit there was also at least initially a sense there wasn't chatter before but upon retrospect there were bits and pieces of intelligence data that had not been put together so it's forensic work on the ground but intelligence work retrospectively and prospectively. >> ifill: don borrelli, we don't have enough information to get into too much speculation but based on your experience with investigating these types of crimes is there any -- are there any signs here that this is a domestically homegrown kind of activity or this something that would only be done by al qaeda or someone else who would usually claim responsibility? >> it's -- in minute it's way to early to tell. there are some things that would lend me to think that it's maybe more homegrown just because of the type of devices used. as mr. zuarte said, thes
were four times higher than a year ago on cost-cuts and fewer bad loans. >> there's intel beating by a penny last night and expects current revenue, and the decline in pc sales. >> the second consecutive quarters in a row. display ads leads to revenue misses at yahoo. that is, of course, the turnaround, but don't forget. there's always ali banna and we'll be talking about it. >> futures moving lower after the 157-point rebound in the dow yesterday. monday's 266-point slide. speaking of the industrials, caterpillar lowering the price from 75 to 95 and from neutral to outperform on concerns about weakness in china. jim, they're calling it a multi-year decline in mining capex, and i'm not sure how that's new. >> this is what happened in 2008 and 2009 and you have credit problems for tat. 8.10 goes to 7.40. is it 12 times earnings and when earnings are coming down, multiples are very slippery things. i think the stock has found footing before 79 and 80. carl, i know you are the man of being able to figure out the calendar. tuesday is keeping its very good performance. >> yes. that was
out and say, listenen, we have, x -- i think it has to be turned by engineering. i know in the intel call, stacy smith has tablets are really taking over. i say i'm not hearing anything good about pcs. s sandisk would also indicate in their amazing quarter that tablets are good. but apple just doesn't make enough money on tablets. >> but they make enough on iphones. margins improve as they get manufacturing down and they ramp up. >> do you have any more intel on verizon, whether it is share take, which would be negative, or just new people coming in? >> i got plenty to share on verizon but that's not a question i can answer. >> that is for the quarter. >> 92.3 million customers? that's going to be video. we know that text has peaked. that must be video. >> all of those subsidies you give during the holidays obviously a thing of the past. >> there we look at the ebitda service margin. was trying to listen to the webcast but had to get on air. but they did mention fovodafone almost immediately in the q&a. that's nothing new. the news would be we're not interesting in buying the 49%. >>
, it reminds me of when you were talking to one of the top intel guys in america a few years ago and he said if you saw every day what i saw every day, you would never sleep at night. there are a lot of things that they catch. and we don't know an awful lot about what has happened quite yet. maybe there will be a file that, you know, landed on the fbi director's desk that says, look out for these two chechenian guys. you have to say you missed this. democrats do it to republican presidents and republicans do it to democratic president. >> bob, you're familiar with than phenomenon from years of working in "the new york times." it raises the question at least in my mind how many warnings do the fbi get about various people from other people into the fbi from indell stuff? >> i think it's alarming stuff. stopping terror in a free society, you never going to be able to do it completely. and they are inundated with tips and false leads and that sort of thing. it seems to me ever since september 11th, they have done a pretty good job keeping the country safe and you have to have an investigation.
. the intel i think is where the question is. >> well, i mean, intel is not 100% perfect. the russians really did not give us specific information. they just said, kind of, look out. we did an investigation in this. now they've released some more information that may have -- one thing we have to do is make sure that we simultaneously send any of these pings that happened when the older brother came back, that didn't get sent to the whole network. >> right. >> somebody sitting somewhere could have said, you know, that name's familiar. i think we did a file on that. let me check into that. but we want everybody to know in the whole community, the whole intel community. >> right. you've got a guy in your city, et cetera, et cetera. >> i don't think we've seen any stove piping issues that pre-dated 9/11. i think we have fixed a lot of those problems. what we may see here in a way a more striking conclusion, that is that in a free and open society even when you do everything right, you still may not be able to prevent a group of people willing to kill themselves using relatively low tech means. >>
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